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Jacksonville - Florida Drug Addiction Treatment Centers, Alcohol Rehabilitation and Rehab

Addiction Treatment Hotline
Wekiva Springs
3947 Salisbury Road
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Gateway Community Services Inc.
New Beginnings
2671 Huffman Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Jacksonville Metro Treatment Center
3609 Emerson Street
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Lakeview Health Systems LLC
1900 Corporate Square Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Lakeview Health Systems LLC
8889 Corporate Square Court
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Breakthroughs Counseling and Recovery
3810 Williamsburg Park Boulevard
Suite 3

Jacksonville, FL 32257
Greenfield Center
3 Shircliff Way
Suite 640

Jacksonville, FL 32204
North/South Florida Rehab
592 Ellis Road
Suite 120

Jacksonville, FL 32210
River Region Human Services Inc
Dual Diagnosis Program
390 Park Street
Jacksonville, FL 32208
Sigma Center for Counseling
1727 Blanding Boulevard
Suite 105

Jacksonville, FL 32210
River Region Human Services Inc
2981 Parental Home Road
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program
Naval Air Station Jacksonville
Building 2034 Tatum Avenue

Jacksonville, FL 32212
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Jacksonville Drug Treatment Centers

Jacksonville, located in Duval County, is the most populated city in Florida with a population of over 800,000 and a greater area population of 1.3 million. This makes it the 12th most populated city in the US. Jacksonville's economy is largely driven by tourism resulting in a number of local service jobs. It is estimated that tourism brings about 1.6 billion and supports 43,000 jobs and 10% of the workforce. Jacksonville also has a large military presence, the third largest in the country, with several military facilities including a naval military base.

Jacksonville is located in the Northeast corner of the state making it less of a drug trafficking hub than other cities located in southern Florida. Still, as one of the largest ports, several drugs do make it through Jacksonville's harbors. In 2006 Jacksonville also had the highest amount of cocaine related deaths with a staggering 119. Crack cocaine is also extremely popular in Jacksonville. BC Bud or Canadian marijuana is transported from Canada into Jacksonville's ports and is highly popular and noticeably higher grade than other marijuana produced locally or imported from Mexico or Jamaica.

Listed below are substance abuse treatment centers and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the Jacksonville. If you wish to contact a facility, visit the facility page and submit the form to contact the facility. Feel free to contact more than one facility as it's important that you find the best treatment center for you or your loved one.

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